Assessing the current and transferrable capabilities of key employees can be a real challenge. Relying on an inside view can only reveal a partial understanding of the situation. The Result: adopting the most efficient action-plans in regard to your key people – whether it is regarding promotion, delay or even firing – when the compromise on certain values threatens the mid/long-term value of your business.

This is where an external assessment and evaluation of key people can make the difference

The assessment is ended with debriefing sessions, both with the person in assessment and with the line manager and/or the HR Head.

Potential outcomes:

  • training recommendation
  • mentoring and/or coaching

This is a very sensitive stage and a very important one, thus we work with the best available consultants, depending on the size and scope of the role:

External / international:  

  • KRW International NeuroBusiness Group
  • Other international partners

Internal consultants: